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About Us

QAF Investment Company (QIC), formerly Bayt-el-Mal Investment Company, a financial institution specialized in banking investment. It was established in the year 2006 with a capital of KD 15 million, in response to the rising demand for investment banking services in the Islamic market and to meet the requirements of corporate customers and Islamic service providers who need distinctive Islamic investment products, along with the local and international blue-chip companies with developed requirements for funding from the Islamic market.

Our Strategy


QAF Investment Company depends mainly on its capability to forecast the market requirements, create investment products or innovate new products therefrom to meet these requirements. It endeavors to become the pioneer Islamic investment Company provider for services and products and safe financial solutions with rewarding returns that meet the market requirements, its shareholders and customers.


To be the optimum option for rendering services and products and investment solutions in the local and regional market.

Our Principles

Islamic Shari’ah Principles

QIC is committed with integrity and trust principles. The Shari’ah Supervision Board in the Company verifies that all transactions and deals are carried out in conformity with Islamic Shari’ah Principles.

Taking Care of Customers

QIC endeavors on continued basis to provide Islamic financial solutions and investment products beyond customer expectations while at the same time strictly maintaining privacy and secrecy of relations existing with customers.

Value Added

QIC focuses its concerns on activities that enable it to generate value added by means of utilizing its distinctive authority, specifically in restructuring of financial solutions compliant with Islamic Shari’ah Principles and its expertise in the Islamic money markets.


QIC endeavors to maintain a pioneer position among peers by means of management of change and apply innovated approaches in the rapid-growing Islamic financial markets, discovery and capture the convenient investment opportunities.

Our Services

Advisory Services

Equity Finance

Structured Finance

Asset Management

Our Asset Management service line is able to showcase superior performance, building value for our clients and shareholders through consistent diligence, dedication, innovation and strategic development.

Our Philosophy


The practice of societal responsibility has been a core principle of the Islamic faith as far back as the seventh century, and concepts of welfare and pensions were introduced in early Islamic law as one of the Five Pillars of Islam, part of the foundation of the religion.

Taxes, namely Zakat (charity), collected in the treasury were used to provide for the needy and a similar ethical strategy is still in play at the bank’s headquarters in Kuwait. Islamic trust and integrity principles ascertain that all transactions and deals are conducted in agreement with the provisions of Islamic law.

Sharia compliance is much like the software within the hardware. All our transactions and dealings must be monitored internally, and then renewed externally by a board. Our clients demand this of us – and we carry out our day-to-day business in a Sharia compliant way – an ethical way. As well as social responsibility, we provide confidence.

Our Subsidiaries and Projects

The Investor

مشروع الأندلس


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